Lanciarii were elite Roman auxiliary troops from antiquity - our namesake and the source of our ethos.

Frequently separated from the main battalions and employed as an elite vanguard, they formed their own military traditions - bravery, mobility, and preparedness. Rapid mobility and long distance travel was essential for their success on the battlefield as auxiliary skirmishers.

Traveling across the far-reaching expanses of the borders of the Roman Empire they moved from area of conflict to the next, learning to build and requisition a variety of custom travel packs, and developing methods for fast travel and quick packing.

The Lanciarii realized that the key to their success was superior Roman gear, unyielding training, and the strength of their traditions.

In the spirit of their traditions and stories we curate a collection of products for the seasoned traveller. Direct from manufacturer and selected for quality - Steadfast, functional, and thorough usability.

Stay Prepared.